Monday, March 8, 2010

Up Next: Filming The Teaser!

Our schedule is almost set of filming the trailer. Just need to finalize some details, and we will be set. We are pretty much cast (for the trailer), with the exception of some kids for the background. If you have a little actor between the ages of 3-7, drop me a line at We would need them between 7-10 am on Wednesday 3/24. W provide the donuts and juice, they provide the cute. Please, only experienced, well behaved kids need apply! This will be a very complex traveling shot and we need little pros that know how to hit their marks.

So what is this trailer all about, you may be asking? Well, it's not your typical trailer, where you find bits and pieces of the film all smooshed together with dramatic music and effects. No, this is a Proof of Concept. We are filming two complete scenes from the movie that we feel best represent what the movie is about and display our cinematic prowress, and we present those scenes (along with various other info) to potential investors. Will the general public be able to see it? Of course! We have some crazy momentum going on in this film and we need to keep that momentum going!

Our production schedule is set for the week of 3/22, and we have to film in a toy store, public transortation, an apartment and a dungeon. Ok, not really a dungeon, but a really gross icky basement room. We are combining the spectacular "look what we ca do" shots, with the dialogue and interaction that will keep people wanting to come back for more. We're teases.

So, you ask, when will the trailer be readyto view? When it's done! That's the best answer you will get out of me today!

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