Saturday, March 20, 2010

Our First Glitch!

If you have been following the blog or Facebook page at all you know that things have been going swimmingly for us over here in MJD land. All the pieces have just been falling in to place perfectly and I keep knocking on wood - wondering when the hammer is going to fall and put a big kink in our plans (wow, that's a lot of cliches in one sentence).

Well, it fell last week. No, no, nothing horrible - just our first big glitch. Our darling star got a boo-boo. Nothing that prevents her from working - just from walking... Given that I gave her instructions to wear comfortable shoes because she was going to be doing a LOT of walking, that is a considerable glitch.

Now, I am not one to dwell on the negative. Problems are just solutions waiting to happen. Since the first day I started writing MJD, whenever I came across a glitch it forced me to think through things in a different way - and in the end has made the story much better.

Much as our star's boo-boo is making the teaser script even better. I re-wrote it around her inability to walk, and dagnabbit I like it better the way it is now. Instead of her chasing the action, the action comes to her. It makes more sense and is a more compelling way to introduce her character.

So there you have it. Yeah for glitches!

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