Sunday, March 21, 2010

CASTING! Two Juicy Roles Up For Grabs!

Ah, the never ending cycle of change in making movies. And we haven't even gotten to the movie yet!

The script changes that I made on Friday resulted in VO of Dr. Parker and Detective Jones being added back in! These are both juicy principal roles when we start shooting the feature this summer! My goal is to go SAG ultra-low on this, so please submit regardless of union affiliation - my goal is to go with the best actors for the role regardless.

Dr. Parker, principal: Female, will be 40-ish at the beginning of the film and 60-ish at the end, so need a woman who can either be younged down or aged up... She is a kind, caring, juvenile therapist. Likable, huggable. A bit on the matronly side - not glamorous, more like a soft squishy grandma type. Dr. Parker is integral to telling the overall story of the film. VO experience a plus.

Detective Jones, principal: Gender unimportant, mid-30's and up, experienced homicide detective who is called upon to investigate a mysterious murder. Must convey authority, but be likable. Originally written as a role for a man, then changed to a woman, but now the way it is written it could go either way.

If you submitted for Dr. Parker previously, no need to re-submit. as long as you sent me you HS/R, we're good. Otherwise, please submit to Auditions are tentatively schedule for 4/10.

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