Saturday, March 13, 2010

The Man Behind the Camera

We have been ridiculously fortunate in that our first choice of talent in just about every aspect of casting and crew selection have jumped on board and agreed to work with us. Our DP is no exception. We asked if he was interested on a Monday, sent him the script on Tuesday, had coffee on Wednesday, and did our first location walk on the following Thursday. He jumped in, head first, with enthusiasm for the project and willingness to indulge me when I told him that our first experience working together with me as director would be a long traveling shot through a toy store - with kids! It is with much enthusiasm that we welcome the talented Jay Cornelius (IMDb) to our growing crew.

He comes to MJD with a long skill set and impressive resume, with experience spread across TV, film, commercial and web. But what I love most about Jay, is his relaxed demeanor and get-it-done-however-we-need-to-get-it-done attitude. When he's not making film, he's teaching film at The Art Institute and Mt. Hood Community College. Welcome aboard, Jay!

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  1. Wow am I glad Jay said "YES!" My first AD gig I worked with Jay on a comedy web-series, written and directed by Coree Spencer. (IN IT TO WIN IT premiering in Portland this August!) Just knowing that Jay is with us makes it all good!