Sunday, February 28, 2010

Welcome to the new Meet Jane Doe blog!

If you have been following us on Facebook (, then you are already pretty familiar with what is going on over here at MJD. If you are new and just discovering us, then we are excited for you to learn and grow with us!

Meet Jane Doe is currently in pre-production. We are shooting our promotional trailer in mid-March and we will be putting together a lovely little marketing package that we can use to send to potential investors. Good movies need a little money behind them, and we want to make more than just a good movie - we want to make an award winning film.

Meet Jane Doe is the brain-child of Jacqueline Gault, a Portland native who has been writing and acting since childhood. She has co-directed some short films and 48-hour film projects, but MJD marks her feature directorial debut. But don't let that scare you, she has some of the best mentors in Portland, and the crew is filled with many, many years of production experience in feature films. We will announce and profile each of those individuals in the coming days and weeks, for each one deserves their own moment of recognition.

As you read this blog in the coming months, you will learn about our cast and crew; follow us on location; hear the successes and failures we encounter during this journey; and celebrate with us as we announce the festivals it will be appearing in. We have big hopes, big dreams, and a fantastic script that we can't wait to bring to life and share with you!