Monday, March 1, 2010

Casting: What and When?

We are currently casting for the role of Dr. Parker. Female, will be 40-ish at the beginning of the film and 60-ish at the end, so need a woman who can either be younged down or aged up... She is a kind, caring, juvenile therapist. Dr. Parker is integral to telling the overall story of the film. VO experience a plus.

In the fairly near future we will be casting other roles. Right now we are casting for the trailer only - and will spend the following three months fund-raising like a bunch of money hungry fiends. When we acquire enough to proceed, then we will start casting for the feature. And just so you know what is to come in the future, here is a list of characters we will be casting when the time comes:

ADAM: Principle. Male, mid-30's, nightclub owner. Player. Women fawn over him, and he eats it up. He is handsome, stylish, and over confident. He can have any woman in the club, except for the one he really wants. Ruby. And his desire for her will ultimately be his demise.

DETECTIVE JONES: Principle. Gender unimportant, mid-30's and up, experienced homicide detective who is called upon to investigate a mysterious murder. Must convey authority, but be likable.

The Homewreckers: Gina, Jenny, Sarah and Emily. Ruby's back-up singers and dancers. Very glamorous ladies, in a gothic burlesque sort of way. Gina has a decent amount of dialogue with Detective Jones, the rest are under 5's. Must be able to dance and/or sing as there are 2 big choreographed production numbers.



Toy store customers: We need angry parents, a wealthy mom, and lots and lots of extras.

RUBY'S VICTIMS: We need a few guys who are willing to be tortured by Ruby, one of the lead characters. Some are under 5's and one in particular is a decent size role with lots of dialogue.

We need a bartender, waitress and bouncer. Under 5's.

POLICE OFFICERS: we are in need of several men and women to play police officers. Non-speaking role.

If you would like to throw you hat in the ring for any of the above roles, you can submit your HS/R to We will be filming the feature in late June, so please only submit if you will be available this summer.


  1. Sounds like Adam is based on me... soo... I guess I'll play it if you like. :)

    All jokes aside. Awesome to read updates on pre-pro. Let me know if you need anything!

  2. Hey Todd. Nice to see you're keeping track of me. I'm counting on you to keep me headed in the right direction. :-)