Thursday, March 18, 2010

Countdown to Filming!

In 4 days we start filming the teaser for MJD. Shooting scripts and call sheets have been sent out and we are in good shape. Still need some props - but nothing I can't dig up around the house. Or, I have found, put a status update on Facebook about. Amazing how everyone just seems to have exactly what I need at the exact moment I need it. I love it!

Our first shot on Monday will be a lovely bit of dialogue between the main character and her best friend. I am sooo looking forward to the very first words being put on film. Seeing the action in the moment and capturing it all for the rest of you to see - I am totally geeking out right now! It will be a relatively low-key first day - no one is getting killed and there are no kids involved. It will give the crew a chance to work out the kinks before things get crazy on Wednesday!

Speaking of Wenesday, we are filming the complete polar opposite themes of the movie in the same day! In the morning, we will be filming a happy, cheerful scene in a toy store. Merriment and good times will be had by all. Then after lunch, we get to film a murder scene. No kids will be harmed (in real life or on screen) in the making of the murder scene, I promise. Not sure which I am looking forward to more...

So, you likely won't see a blog post between now and late next week. Because I will be busy. But don't worry, I promise to report back! Ciao for now!

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