Monday, May 10, 2010

Meet the Homewreckers!

Meet Gina (Sibyl Lazzara). She is the group's manager and pretty much runs the show. That is, as much as Ruby will allow her too. Gina is the group's choreographer and musical advisor, as well as a dancer who has been with the group since the beginning. She knows she needs to tiptoe around Ruby - and she keeps the other girls in line. But when push comes to shove, will Gina be the one who sells her out?

Meet Jenny (Michelle Damis). She spent the majority of her adult life working as a dancer at a local strip club trying to put food on the table as a single mother. That is until she was discovered by Gina, and allowed into The Homewreckers family by Ruby. As part of the hottest ticket in town, Jenny has left her stripper days behind her. Or so she thinks...

Meet Sarah (Meredith Adelaide). Off stage she is sweet and shy - unassuming. Yet when she steps foot on stage she is transformed into a shining member of The Homewreckers. Sarah is the least likely to stand up to Ruby - grateful for the opportunity given her, she puts up with the abuse and accepts the fact that Ruby will never thank her for a job well done.

Meet Emily (Rachel Klein). She loves her job - the dancing, the costumes, the attention. And she is willing to go to any extremes to protect it. Emily knows she has a good thing going, and wants to keep it that way. Emily is the most recent addition to The Homewreckers, and has no beef with Ruby. As long as she is getting to perform on stage to a packed crowd, she's happy.

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