Friday, April 16, 2010

We Got a Party Coming Up!

Meet Jane Doe Teaser Release and Fundraising Kick-Off Party
Sunday, May 2nd, 2010
7 PM - Midnight
Grand Central Restaurant and Bowling Lounge
808 Southeast Morrison Street
Portland, OR 97232

Last night I had a bunch of MJD cast and crew members over to my house for pizza and beer (yah, I'm nice like that) and coerced them all in to getting in front of the camera and answering questions about why folks should invest in Meet Jane Doe. I knew I had a lot of support, and that everyone thought the project was a good one - but I was seriously OVERWHELMED by the compliments and comments. The energy and passion that was present was INSANE. I was almost brought to tears on a few occasions - and that says a lot. I am NOT a big blubbery cry-baby. Everyone really had their own reasons for supporting this film - but the comments that made my heart grow three sizes were the ones about the screenplay in general. When you write, you hope that your words are understood and that you are able to put on paper what you imagine in your head. Concensus is that I was able to accomplish that. Any doubts over whether or not my screenplay is award-winning have been put to rest.

But I digress - I want to talk about our big party coming up. On Sunday May 2nd we will be gathering at Grand Central Bowling Lounge and Restaurant to show the teaser trailer and those amazing interviews I mentioned above. We will have a DJ and karaoke and merriment will be had by all. If you feel so inclined to donate a buck or two to the movie, you could very well be rewarded handsomely - our giveaways include a party pack from Widmer Brothers Brewing, a gift certificate to Grand Central Bowl or Cupcake Jones, and more. We will have investor packets on hand for anyone who wants to get involved on an Executive Producer level. Basically it is our coming out party! And I hope to see YOU there!

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